For inquiries, call the intake line at:

416-962-4040 ext. 8000

Incoming clients register through a meaningful intake process and are continuously supported throughout their stay, as well as after discharge when needed.


  • Medical, social and/or end-of-life health care needs requiring 24/7 nursing support
  • Would benefit from an interdisciplinary team
  • 18 years or older
  • HIV+ or part of a community at higher risk for HIV due to the social determinants of health, such as
    • people who identify as Indigenous
    • people experiencing negative impacts of substance use
    • racialized populations, including newcomers and refugees to Canada
    • people who have mental health concerns
    • Trans folks/ LGBTIQ2S+/ MSM
    • People experiencing homelessness or who don’t have stable housing
    • People experiencing poverty
    • People who have been incarcerated
  • Interest and willingness to engage in care programming and goal setting


  • 24-hour nursing care and daily access to a physician
  • Social work services, including system navigation, support with discharge planning, support for clients and their loved ones around end of life care
  • Mental health support
  • Access to a clinical pharmacist
  • Supervised consumption services (SCS) (including inhalation) Watch a video tour
  • Massage therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy


Sub-acute rehabilitative or post-acute care for pain management, medication adherence, symptom control, complex wound care, IV therapy, and cancer care. Our clinical team specializes in treating HIV comorbidities, including hepatitis C, lymphoma, HIV-related dementia, diabetes, as well as cardiac and psychiatric symptoms.

Discharge planning is initiated from the moment of admission, ensuring the client’s needs continue to be addressed after discharge and supporting a smooth transition from hospital to the community.

An enduring element of the inpatient unit is compassionate palliative care for people experiencing the final stages of life. Our skilled and experienced team supports clients and their loved ones through the final days or weeks of life with pain control and symptom management, ensuring that the client’s wishes are followed with dignity. MAID (medical assistance in dying) is an option.

Clients requiring end of life care are prioritized for admission.

Two dedicated, private respite care rooms are available for 14-day stays. Around-the-clock respite care can be a valuable option for people experiencing HIV symptoms that require intensive management, such as difficulty adjusting to a new medication, or requiring weight gain. It is often just what clients need to get their health back under control while providing a break for family and friends.

Respite care is available to active Casey House clients and requires advance booking.

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What is it like being an inpatient at Casey House? Get a video tour of the inpatient unit here.

Coming to be an inpatient for two months was, “the best thing I ever did. All I had to deal with was eating and getting better.”