Blue Door Clinic is open Monday mornings (9-12) and Thursdays (9-3) here at Casey House. It provides free bridging health care for people living with HIV who are precariously or uninsured (limited or no health insurance).

Blue Door is a program provided collaboratively in-kind from the partners contributing their time and expertise.

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Blue Door Clinic provides health care to people living with HIV in the greater Toronto area who are uninsured/under-insured (limited or no access to health insurance). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • People without valid immigration status (not covered by publicly funded health insurance (OHIP)
  • Temporary immigration status such as:
    • migrant workers and those awaiting renewed contracts or work visas,
    • newcomers awaiting inland processing and review of their immigration and refugee applications,
    • individuals with active visitor visas who are not eligible for care through a community health centre;
  • Canadian-born individuals without adequate identification due to a variety of adverse life circumstances;
  • International students on student visas whose mandatory health insurance does not cover the full range of HIV care/basic HIV care


All services are free and confidential and include:

    • HIV health assessments provided by doctor or nurse practitioner,
    • treatment for HIV and other health conditions,
    • laboratory testing,
    • immunizations,
    • connection to medication access programs,
    • referral to specialists (if needed),
    • referral to community supports (e.g. housing, legal, settlement etc.),
    • referral to ongoing health care when eligible.