Meet Michael - Casey House Volunteer

Casey House volunteers show up in tremendous ways to support our clients, generously donating their time, skills, and kind hearts for our clinical programming and special events. Let’s meet one of our fantastic volunteers: Michael.

Michael is an internationally trained nurse who joined Casey House’s volunteering program in January, 2024. He supports our outpatient lunch program and provides friendly visits to inpatient clients every week. He has been instrumental in supporting one of our clients by helping them cook Nigerian meals. This ensures that the client receives culturally affirming food, enabling them to focus on their health journey. Not only does Michael bring culturally relevant ingredients from home, he also includes an extra special ingredient: compassion. As an internationally trained nurse, Michael decided to volunteer at Casey House because he finds joy in supporting others with compassionate care. It’s been a learning experience all around for him. It’s never a dull moment with our vibrant community and unique care structure that prioritizes meeting our clients where they’re at.   He describes the environment as being full of love and cooperation amongst everyone. Some of his most notable events here have been the celebration of love event (“Love is in The House”) on February 14, and David’s Disco, our signature fundraising event which recently happened at The Great Hall. During the past 4 months, Michael has also learned a lot about Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC), falls prevention, interviewing, and teamwork.

In his spare time, he likes to cook, read, listen to music, and teach others about the skills he knows. Michael dreams of using his nursing skills here in Canada because he loves taking care of people.

Thank you for your incredible contributions to our community Michael, Casey House is grateful to have you as one of our volunteers!