Meet Christina - Casey House Volunteer

Casey House volunteers show up in tremendous ways to support our clients, generously donating their time, skills, and kind hearts for our clinical programming and special events. Let’s meet one of our fantastic volunteers: Christina.

Christina has been volunteering with us since February, 2023. Since then, she has spent many hours on weekends on the inpatient unit to provide extra fun and support to clients. You can typically find her with another volunteer Rose, running the ice cream sundae Sunday buffet complete with all the fixings. It’s small efforts like these that really brightens up the day for some of our clients during their stay on our inpatient unit.

Volunteering has been a cornerstone of Christina’s life even since middle school. She finds fulfillment in giving back to her local community, especially for causes that she cares passionately about. With her interests in health care and patient-experience, Casey House was just the place for her to get involved. During her time here, Christina has built deep connections with clients that she interacts with. Meeting new people with all different lived experiences, taking the time to learn more about them, and creating a space for community, all make up the invaluable experience she gets while volunteering here at Casey House. She appreciates having a space like Casey House to foster genuine human connections with others. One of her favourite moments would be during the Toronto Pride parade in 2023, where she marched with Casey house and got to absorb the vibrant community, advocacy, diversity, and visibility of the LGBTQ2S+ community in that moment.

Her experiences volunteering here have reinforced the importance of empathy, resilience, and the transformative power of genuine human connection. Moreover, it has deepened her  understanding of healthcare disparities and the urgent need for inclusive, compassionate care for all individuals.

Outside of volunteering, she loves to play board games and visiting local handmade markets. Christina is currently living in the moment but hopes that her curation of experiences right now will lead to a future full of people she loves and cares about. A life that includes more meaningful connections and contributions to her communities. We are grateful to be a part of your community Christina. Thank you for volunteering with Casey House and making every moment matter!