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June’s HIV+ Eatery is a 3-night dining experience where the meal is prepared by people living with HIV. It launched our #smashstigma campaign in 2017 and now takes place every year in March as a fundraiser.
When Casey House found that 53% of Canadians said they wouldn’t knowingly eat a meal prepared by someone who is HIV+, we started challenging people to do just that.

This thought-provoking dining experience supports judgement-free health care at Casey House while also addressing HIV stigma. A multi-course, family-style dinner is prepared by a team of people living with HIV in partnership with chef Matt Basile from Fidel Gastro’s. Together, we fight stigma with every bite.

You can’t get HIV from food, but you can #smashstigma

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June's HIV+ Eatery Amutha Peer Chef

By being HIV+ I can’t go back and change the beginning of my life, but I can start where I am and change my ending by being an inspiration to others living with HIV and letting people know we are the same with or without the virus.

Amutha, June’s HIV+ Eatery chef


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