Having a clinical pharmacist helps transform lives

Just before the pandemic kicked in last year Casey House welcomed its first clinical pharmacist – Jon Smith. While the plans for Jon’s first year were adapted due to COVID-19, what remained unchanged was his commitment to “meeting clients where they are on their health journey”.

Jon speaks passionately about his role, “Providing innovative and compassionate HIV care is challenging and rewarding work: in addition to dispensing medications and advice, I work with the clinical teams to assess each inpatient client’s medication history and health concerns. I also monitor their drug therapy each day, looking for medication-related issues and adverse effects.”

When a Casey House client is discharged from the inpatient unit Jon stays connected and involved. To ensure clients have everything they need to make a seamless transition back to the community Jon contacts their pharmacy to update prescriptions and review their specific needs.

Casey House is always looking for new and innovative ways to care for our community. Last fall, because Jon was on staff, we created an inventory of vaccines for flu, hepatitis B and pneumonia. We developed educational tools and presentations for the clinical team, and established a formalized reporting system to track potential adverse drug reactions. Jon also co-chairs a new drugs and therapeutics committee at the hospital, and started welcoming pharmacy students for six-week residencies.

Jon says it’s been a very rewarding first year. His contributions to our purpose of transforming lives and health care through compassion and social justice supports Casey House in developing relationships with clients that help them build health and stability in their lives.

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