COVID-19 temporary expansion

In anticipation of increased demand due to COVID-19, Ontario hospitals were asked to consider how they could help expand capacity. In response, Casey House is admitting patients in need of sub-acute and palliative care from other hospitals and temporarily expanding.

In addition to offering space in our 14-room inpatient unit, we are reconfiguring the dining room and first floor of the heritage house to make room for 17 additional beds, ensuring each area enables us to replicate the compassionate and expert care for which we are known.

While keeping true to our mandate of specialty care for those with HIV, during this time Casey House is admitting patients who are HIV negative to support our community and allow other hospitals to cope with the anticipated surge caused by COVID-19.

In keeping with our history, we are responding to the pandemic just as we did in the ‘80s when Casey House began, filling a gap when we see one. And, while Casey House is pleased to be part of the solution, ideally these additional beds are never filled because Ontario manages to control the surge and additional hospital capacity is not needed.

Although on-site day health programming is suspended because of the pandemic, we continue to actively support clients in the community with food deliveries and telephone calls. The day health program remains a priority, because supporting people residing outside of hospital keeps people out of hospital.

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection for clients and staff our facility remains closed to all but essential staff and inpatient clients.