Art With Heart curatorial committee launches selection process for 2022 auction


Casey House’s annual auction of Canadian contemporary art, Art With Heart, is entering its 29th year. While the auction is still many months away, the planning phase is well underway. In response to our open call for submissions, independent artists and galleries from across Canada have shared hundreds of artwork for consideration, representing a range of styles, techniques, and forms of expression. The review and selection of artwork to form this year’s collection takes weeks to complete, and began as soon as our public call closed.

What makes this process possible? The Casey House Foundation team benefits enormously from the incredible support and dedication of an Art With Heart curatorial committee: a group of artists, gallerists, collectors, and arts professionals who volunteer their time to bring their visions and voices to assemble the collection.

This year, we are thrilled to welcome four new members to the curatorial committee:

  • Sara Angel, founder and executive director of the Art Canada Institute, Toronto
  • Nathan Eugene Carson, artist, Hamilton
  • Michelle Jacques, head of exhibitions & collections and chief curator at Remai Modern, Saskatoon
  • Nicolas Robert, founder and director, Gallery Nicolas Robert, Montreal and Toronto

The returning members of the Art With Heart curatorial committee are:
Dan Menchions, Co-chair
Laura Dawe, Co-chair
April Hickox
Brian Pel
Devan Patel
Jane Hutchison
Jennie Kraehling
Raoul Olou
Spencer Shevlen
Steven Baum
Steven Rapkin
Stuart Keeler

Together, the members of this dynamic committee build sustaining relationships in the arts community, while working collaboratively to shape the stellar collection of artwork we bring to auction in October. Sharing a common goal to raise vital funds to support compassionate, transformational health care at Casey House, celebrating art and social justice.

Cheers to Art With Heart 2022 and the stunning collection to be auctioned October 18th!