2023 Ontario Budget: Casey House’s recommendations

As a specialty hospital in Toronto that provides care for people who face multiple barriers to having their basic needs met, Casey House was pleased to share our recommendations for the 2023 Ontario Budget, as part of the public consultation process.

Casey House is committed to understanding our clients’ health concerns in the broader context of their lives. With the continuing drug poisoning crisis, housing crisis, and rising cost of living, the need to address the social factors that determine health and well-being is beyond urgent.

Casey House’s recommendations at a glance

While progress has been made in communities across the province, there is much more work to do – particularly to support people in high need for housing, mental health, and substance use supports. As a hospital, Casey House encourages the Ontario government to increase and improve access to:

  • Supportive housing for people coping with mental health and substance use challenges
  • Mental health and addictions care that doesn’t require abstinence from substance use
  • Wide-ranging harm reduction services and supports as part of overall health care

Casey House's recommendations

Read our full pre-budget submission for the 2023 Ontario Budget

The provincial government will table its 2023 Budget this spring.

Casey House recognizes and acknowledges that systemic inequities deeply affect our clients, and believes it is our responsibility to advocate for compassionate and socially-just health care. Our advocacy seeks to address the structural barriers that prevent optimal health, and improve the well-being of all people living with or at risk of HIV. To learn more, visit Advocacy.