Reduce the risks of substance use: recommendations for the next Ontario government

Ontario votes on Thursday, June 2, 2022! As an organization committed to improving health care and outcomes for people who use drugs, Casey House is sharing our insights and ideas for how the next Ontario government can reduce the risks of substance use through harm reduction.

At our hospital, we build relationships through our harm reduction approach; we work side-by-side with clients, respectfully supporting them to drive decisions regarding their own care. In our election platform, we share our recommendations for how the next government can further embed harm reduction in health care across Ontario.

Casey House's election platform

Unequivocal Compassion: Reducing the risks of substance use through thoughtful, tailored health care

Casey House’s platform at a glance

  • Drug-related harms and deaths have accelerated in Ontario. In 2020 alone, there were 2,426 opioid-related deaths in Ontario (60% increase from 2019) and 1,671 apparent stimulant toxicity deaths (66% increase from 2019).
  • For decades, harm reduction has been shown to prevent and reverse overdoses, reduce infectious disease transmission, decreases public drug use and unsafe practices, and saves costs. Harm reduction also reaches people who traditionally have not accessed health and social services, keeps them connected to care, and is more responsive to the diverse needs of Ontarians.
  • Casey House believes that reducing the risks of drug use through harm reduction in a judgment-free environment is an essential health service. When harm reduction is a meaningful part of health care, more people are kept alive, safe and supported.
  • At minimum, Casey House recommends that the next Ontario government further embed harm reduction in health care by improving access to safer injection and inhalation drug use supplies across the health care system.

Use your voice: question for candidates in your riding

In addition to voting, you have an opportunity to raise issues you care about with all candidates vying for a seat in the Ontario legislature. To help you engage with political hopefuls in your community, here is a question to ask any candidate:

What will your party do to address the accelerating overdose crisis in Ontario?

If you are a Canadian citizen, a resident of Ontario, and 18+ on election day, you have the right to vote. When you exercise this right, you help choose who represents you in government.

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Casey House is committed to improving health care and outcomes for people who use drugs by advocating for judgment-free and trauma-informed care, access to harm reduction services, and progressive drug policy that promotes the health, dignity and human rights of people who use drugs. To learn more, visit Advocacy.