The Teresa Group

Casey Award Winner The Teresa Group

The Teresa Group, for 30 years of supporting children and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

The Teresa Group, founded in 1990 is Canada’s oldest community based charitable organization specifically serving children affected by HIV and AIDS and their families.

The Teresa Group produces resources for women who are pregnant, new mothers, children and adolescents.

They are also a founding member for the global Coalition on Children Affected by AIDS, which has been increasing its advocacy work by engaging women living with HIV in its efforts.

Closer to home, the organization provides a broad range of services in Toronto, including: support groups for parents and children, programs to support families, including one that offers free formula for a year to new mothers across Ontario, and an annual summer camp. The week-long camp has been running for five years and is offered to children between nine and 18. Kids affected by HIV get the chance to connect with others facing similar challenges, gain a sense of belonging and experience all the joys of summer camp.

In town, they run a program at SickKids Hospital, which provides a safe space for adolescents to talk about living with HIV and its challenges, such as dealing with stigma.

They also partner with local, regional and international organizations to enhance and strengthen everything they do.

Please join me to recognize the leadership, dedication and accomplishments of The Teresa Group.

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