The Shevlen family

The Shevlen family honoured with award for outstanding philanthropic leadership for the HIV/AIDS community

The Shevlen family, Jane, her late husband Colin, John, Spencer, Andrea, and Gillian, are being recognized with a Casey Award for their outstanding commitment through financial contributions. The award honours the Shevlen’s continued and extraordinary support as generous donors, and their resulting impact on the HIV community.

Jane and Colin began supporting Casey House in 2010, when they first participated in the art auction, Art With Heart. Since that first art purchase their support has consistently continued to grow. With increasing contributions, volunteer roles, and an investment in profiling emerging artists, the Shevlens have increased their support every year for well over a decade.

Jane and Colin always asked to be recognized as ‘the Shevlen family’, demonstrating their commitment to contributing as an entity. They felt a responsibility to give and taught their children through example. As a result, John and Spencer are engaged and committed supporters, and now the entire family is involved.

The Shevlens continue to be prominent contributors to Art With Heart. Together, the family chooses a selection of works by emerging artists to support each year, then challenges art buyers to bid high and bid often by promising to match the winning bids with equivalent donations. Spencer volunteers on the curatorial committee, responsible for sourcing, reviewing and selecting the artwork for each year’s auction collection.

During the first year of the pandemic, the Shevlen’s recognized the impact shutdowns would have on event fundraising, and the ensuing funds the hospital relies upon, and contributed an outstanding $50,000 matching commitment to kick off a challenge to the Art With Heart community. The matching gift opportunity was the heart of Casey House Foundation’s Send Your Love campaign.

This family has truly blended their passion for Canadian art with their love and kindness for compassionate client-centred care at Casey House.

Casey House extends warm congratulations to the Shevlens on achieving this recognition of their generosity.

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