For information on accessibility at Casey House:

We value your input.

In order to achieve our goal of meeting and surpassing expectations of serving individuals with disabilities, we welcome and appreciate your feedback on how we provide services to people with disabilities. All comments will be directed to the accessibility working group. Individuals can expect to hear back in 30 days.

Share your feedback via email to, by phone at (416) 962-7600 or fill out our Accessibility Feedback form which can be mailed or left at the main reception as follows:

Casey House
Attention: Accessibility Working Group
119 Isabella Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1P2

Customer service training commitment

Casey House ensures that training is provided to all workers on the requirements of the accessibility standards referred to in O. Reg. 191/11: Integrated Accessibility Standards and on the Human Rights Code as it pertains to persons with disabilities. The policy governing this training commitment is available upon request.

Accessibility of physical space

Our facility is accessible to wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices from the entrance off Isabella Street, as well as from the east and south doors.

There are two elevators, which access every floor from the parking garage to the fourth floor. Only the heritage house’s third floor and basement are not accessible by elevator.

Website Accessibility Statement

We’ve designed our website to be as usable, accessible and engaging as possible for all visitors. That includes those who visit our site using desktop, mobile and tablet devices, as well as those who navigate the site using the keyboard only and/or with assistive devices.

Here are some of the things we’ve done to make our website more accessible.

Our website is designed to be responsive and makes adjusting the display for visitors with different devices or viewing preferences easy. If you are viewing this site on a mobile phone or tablet the site will automatically adjust the screen display to fit your mobile phone or tablet.

You can also adjust the magnification of this website by adjusting the font size or zoom setting on your browser or operating system, or by expanding or reducing the width of the browser window.

The layout of the site can be adjusted to display at higher or lower zoom settings or at narrower widths. As well, most touch screen devices allow touch gestures that will allow you to zoom in on one area of the page.

Our site has been designed to be easy to navigate using a keyboard only. Using a combination of the tab key and keyboard arrows, site visitors can move through the site without the use of a mouse or trackpad. To make keyboard navigation easier for sighted visitors using a keyboard, we’ve made sure that the page element that has keyboard focus has a visible highlight around it. To make navigation easier for visitors accessing the site using a screen reader, this site uses screen reader accessible labelling to provide extra context and information about links and other interactive elements on the site

All forms are keyboard accessible, and can be easily used on a touch screen or with a keyboard only.

We’ve taken care in the design of the site to ensure the site elements have sufficient colour contrast. As well, the site does not include content or functionality which relies on colour alone to convey key information.

We’ve designed the site to be informative and engaging, but also simple to navigate and understand. We made sure that the site has a simple and consistent header and footer structure, so visitors will be able to easily understand and navigate between pages on the site.

For images that are meaningful to enhance your understanding of the content of the site, we’ve added alternative text descriptions. These descriptions (alternative text attributes) replace the information that would be conveyed by images for visitors using screen readers or when the images are turned off.

When the images are decorative only or if an image description would only duplicate content already available as text, we have hidden those images from screen readers or when images are turned off. Those images have empty ALT attributes in the mark up so they are not presented to screen reader users.

To make our site more useful and interactive for all our visitors we have integrated social media sharing tools with links to share with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, we cannot guarantee third party tools will necessarily conform to web accessibility standards.

We’ve worked to make our website usable and accessible to everyone and to follow Accessibility best practices and WCAG guidelines. However, no site is ever 100% accessible. We continue to develop our website, and encourage your feedback and recommendations to improve the site. As well, if you have questions or are having trouble accessing information on the site, please contact us at