We support each other to live our best lives while living with HIV/AIDS.
We celebrate our accomplishments and milestones.
We always make room for reconciliation.
We make a conscious effort to bring joy to the space and to each other.
We support each other when a community member is hurt, sick, or dying.
We recognize our dreams and goals and the dreams and goals of other community members.
We thrive and laugh together.


We believe the voice of the client needs to direct a client’s care throughout their experience at Casey House.


We believe in client-centred care supported by excellent teamwork.


We embrace diversity and respect the ways in which every client chooses to approach health, clinical care and holistic treatments.
We recognize Casey House as a comfortable and inviting environment for everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances.
We expect Casey House to provide compassionate, accessible, low-barrier care.
We rely on Casey House and each other to care for our space inside and outside and keep it clean and vibrant.


We work with the clinical team to collaborate on matters regarding our health. Client-centered care is important and it will allow for informed client-driven decision making.
We expect that Casey House will communicate with clients in a way that is specific, meaningful, accurate, realistic and visible.
We expect Casey House will make space for our concerns and suggestions to be considered.


We expect a fair and just environment without discrimination for all.
We make room for all people living with HIV/AIDS.
We recognize that every client has knowledge, talents and ability.
We practice peace, kindness, compassion and understanding if conflicts arise.


We believe that Casey House will be a non-judgemental space and offer harm reduction as an imperative to care without prejudice.

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Purpose, Values and Philosophy of Care

Every staff member, peer and volunteer acts and delivers care to clients in accordance with our purpose, values and philosophy of care

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